Originally posted on VentureBeat:

G+Photos-SailingAlbumGoogle has released a brand-new photo app to go along with its brand-new Chromebook Pixel. 

The main selling point of the $1,299 Pixel is its large, high-resolution, touchscreen, which is appealing to people who work a lot with photography. Thus, a complementary photo app for uploading and organizing pictures makes sense.

You plug your camera’s SD card into the laptop, and the app automatically uploads the images in full-resolution to your Google+ account. From there, touchscreen-friendly features make it easy to select photos to place in albums, and the app even suggests which pictures are the best. Once the albums are ready, they are easy to share.

The announcement of the newest laptop from Google put the tech community in a flurry this morning. Google said in a blog post that the 2,560 x 1,700 resolution and 239 pixels-per-inch mean the Pixel has the highest pixel density of any laptop…

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