KOZA MOSTRA & AGATHONAS IAKOVIDESThe Greek National Final 2013 ended and we have the winners: Koza Mostra and Agathonas Iakovides will represent Greece in the 58th Eurovision Song Contest. Moments after their victory Agathonas Iakovides made a statement regarding their victory: “This victory will mean nothing to the Greeks, who suffer the most this year due to the crisis, but it could mean something if we bring a good ranking in May”. During the afterparty we met Agathonas wife, Ms Erifilli, and we can assure you she is a wonderful person!

GIORGINA KARACHALIOUOn the other hand most Eurofans are disappointed by Giorgina’s performance on “Angel” during the live presentation. What happened? The question risen to most of us been in the production of the show as we saw the dress rehearsal and we have to admit we were all stunned by the perfect vocal performance. During the live, Giorgina lost her voice and gave a…

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