ARMENIA 2013 YOUNG DANCERS GENERICArmenian national broadcaster concluded the semifinal for Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 entry this year. On February 17th 11 dancers got the ticket to the final which is set for February 23rd. The national final will be aired live and Eurovision 2013 representative Gor Sujyan (leader singer of Dorians)

Rakel Yeranosyan, 16 years old
Anush Manukyan, 19 years old
Taguhi Markosyan, 18 years old
Artyom Gharibyan, 18 years old
Mariam Hovhannisyan, 20 years old
Nare Sukiasyan, 16 years old
Militon Kirakosyan 18 years old
Christina Harutyunyan, 17 years old
Vahagn Margaryan, 17 years old
Mariam Garajyan, 17 years old
Ani Vardanyan, 18 years old

Arina Aratayan will be responsible for the choreography of the solo and group dances while EBU’s Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev will attend the national final on behalf of the EBU/UER


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