EL SUENO DE MORFEO‘ESDM, destino Eurovisión’. This the name chosen for the Spanish national final, which will take place, on Tuesday 26, at TVE Headquarters in Barcelona. Some days ago, we were revealing up the name of one of the jury members, it was Marco Mengoni, this year’s Italian act for Malmö. Today more information has been coming up, and we can reveal the host, the rest of the jury and some singers or bands who will be performing with ESDM as well. TVE is preparing a very promising show!


First of all, the TV presenter chosen for this occassion is not Anne Igartiburu anymore, but Carolina Ferre. Carolina Ferre is a well-known celebrity at the spanish TV, as she has presented lots of TV shows and is not unknown for the Spanish ESC fans, as she presented an special show, replacing Paula Vazquez, back in 2007. But, it…

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