The first Semifinal from the Romanian National Selection took place earlier with no more than 16 songs competing for six places in the Final. A lot of good voices and great songs competed in this tough Semifinal and some of the results where a bit shocking, like the failure of Natalia Barbu and of the big favourite Diana Hetea and her song “I believe in love”. The best vocal performances where given by Cezar, Luminita Anghel and Electric Fence, all of them qualifying without any problems.

TVR didn’t release the final televoting results but half way trough the voting, Casa Presei had 5619 votes, followed by Luminita Anghel with 2244 votes and Cezar with 1724 votes. The six qualifiers, in the order that they will be singing in the Final, are:

1. Casa Presei – Un refren
3. FreeStay – Criminal mind
5. Luminita Anghel – Unique
7. Cezar –…

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