HUNGARY 2013 ESC A DAL GENERICThe second semifinal concluded in Hungary and we have the next set of qualifiers for A Dal 2013 final. Here are the results from the Hungarian selection. Two of them are selected by jury and two by the public and they are :

Gigi Radics – Úgy Fáj (by the jury)
Tamás Vastag – Holnaptól (by the jury)
ByeAlex – Kedvesem (by the public)
Szilvia Agárdi & Dénes Pál – Szíveddel Láss (by the public)

Laura Cserpes – Élj Pont Úgy
Gergő Rácz – Csak Állj Mellém
András Kállay-Saunders – My Baby
Ildikó Keresztes – Nem Akarok Többé Játszani.

They all will compete next Saturday for a Hungarian ticket to Malmoe. Just as a reminder, Hungary will perform in second semifinal on 16th of May.

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