Ourspot will let you hire amateur photographers for as much (or little) as you want




Ourspot is a new startup that lets people hire amateur photographers for any sort of photo shoot they chose, and pay whatever they want. Currently only running in San Francisco, but with plans to branch out to LA and New York soon, Ourspot lets users upload a job with any amount of money attached to it (even free), and then photographers on the site are able to take or leave it, depending on their needs.

The site doesn’t specify how much you should pay, but suggests $10 for a “fun” gig, $25 for “standard,” and $100 for…

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via Imaging Resource News Page http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2013/03/07/ourspot-will-let-you-hire-amateur-photographers-for-as-much-or-little-as-yo

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