ALYONA LANSKAYAHuge change in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 betting odds. Belarus climbs as 6th favourite to win this year while a week ago it was ranked 38th! The Eurofans are enthusiastic with the new song of Alyona Lanskaya “Solayoh” penned by Marc Paelnick.

In the meantime BTRC issued an official press release concerning the selection of the song although it was known the song chosen for Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was decided both by, various message-boards and Alyona Lanskaya’s Facebook fan page:

Today it was revealed that Alyona Lanskaya will perform the uptempo song ‘Solayoh’ at the forthcoming Eurovision Songcontest to be held in Malmö, Sweden during the first semifinal on 14th May and hopefully also on the final on 18th.

Alyona had won the National Selection in December with the song Rhythm of love, penned by Belarussian composer Leonid Shirin. Although the song was very good and welcomed…

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