ELITSA TODOROVA & STOYAN YANKOULOVBNT, the bulgarian broadcaster for Eurovision, has reported moments ago that Kismet, which was chosen back on March 3rd, is going to be replaced, in favor of Samo Shampioni (Само шампиони).

As we’ve learnt from eurovision.tv, this is so because of copyright issues. The decision was made after it became clear that BNT could not reach an agreement, in accordance with the requirements of the EBU for the contest, with Jonatan Tesei, who composed Kismet and also a musician and producer from Argentina.

BNT was misinformed by the Bulgarian producer of the song Kismet, that all copyright issues had been settled and a declaration to this effect was deposited with BNT. Because of this, BNT decided to enter the contest with Samo Shampioni (Only Champions), instead of Kismet.

Both songs, got a tie at the national final voting time, but as the public decision is primordial, the favored song was…

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