HANNAH MANCINIThe 2013 Slovenian Eurovision representative, Hannah Mancini, is preparing for the upcoming contest. Together with the RTV SLO team they are currently choosing the designer to create her Eurovision dress.

A total of three designers are in the running to create the perfect gown for Hannah. Since Slovenia’s song is upbeat and Hannah’s long legs are an asset, the Slovenian team is looking for a so called “battle outfit” which will emphasise Hannah’s physical attributes and might just bring an extra point or two from the public.

“A miniskirt isn’t necessary but it could help”, Ursa Jerkič, a former Slovenian TV presenter and blogger jokes. She adds that she would like to Hannah in a tuxedo. Tjaša Kokalj, a former Miss Universe contestant says she would love to see Hannah wearing animal prints.

Slovenia will perform in the first half of the first semi final on May 14 at the…

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