Waking Up in a Singapore Capsule Hotel

Irresponsible Life

The Capsules at WokeHome

When you decide to visit the Singapore Grand Prix with about a week to go before the race you are left with pretty limited accommodation options. There’s literally the final room in an average 4 star hotel with the going rate at over  AU$700 a night. There’s room in a guest house above a fish restaurant on the other side of the island from the GP for about AU$250 a night, then there was the WokeHome capsule hotel about 100m from the GP track for $45 a night…. I took the capsule hotel. Not just for the convenience and price, but also out of general intrigue of what it would be like to experience one of Asia’s more bizarre accommodation options.


I emerged from the central Raffles Place station, suitcase in hand when a wall of heat and humidity hit me as I climbed the steps and approached street…

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