Example Of Presenting The Price

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Smiling CEO Markku TauriainenSelling price should be presented last. The price is always the endpoint of the presentation, in other words the climax. We are at the closing–state and open questions are no longer asked, such as:

“How do you feel about the price?”

An open question in the final straight is a blunder at cardinal level. But this we´ve already agreed, haven´t we? Always show the price of
your product or service with

BIG NUMBERS ENOUGH! For example: 68,000€ from which

1) deposit and 2) final payment and 3) monthly installment are:
    3,500€           64,500€               631€/month

The whole contract price with big numbers at the top of the page (A4 horizontally), in which case the price nearly takes half of the space. And under this 1) deposit, 2) final payment and 3) financial part horizontally. Do it so that you draw the numbers to the paper when your customer presents and…

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