ZLATA OGNEVICHThe 2013 Ukrainian Eurovision representative, Zlata Ognevich, says she is ready for an amazing time in Malmo. The singer, who came close to representing her country in both 2010 and 2012, will finally make it onto the Eurovision stage.

Zlata says her team is working on the stage performance but music will be the priority. “We will have something special offcourse”, Zlata notes. The Ukrainian singer says it’s important not to burn out before the contest due to the many commitments and promo tours she will undertake.

As the competition grows nearer, Zlata says she hasn’t listened to the other competing songs. She says this method helps her psychologically. She notices that all Eurovision winners have one thing in common – they are all unique and different from the rest. She hopes to join them soon.

Zlata will sing “Gravity” in Malmo in the first semi final on May…

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