Last Saturday, March 23rd, the winner of last year’s contest, Loreen, visited Madrid (Spain) again. This time, to attend a charity concert, organised by one of the most popular music radio stations in Spain, CADENA 100. Lots of Spanish most popular singers, as Malú or Pablo Alborán, attended the show, live from the biggest indoor arena in Madrid, the Sports Palace.

15.000 spectators and oikotimes.com had the chance to attend the show, and we can say that Loreen rocked on stage. It was an amazing experience, when everybody out there were singing and dancing Euphoria. We also had the chance to meet her outside the arena, and she can ensure that Loreen is an amazing person, that transmits a lot of peace and calm.

She also told us that she is already fully immersed with the right preparations for Malmö and her performance at Malmö Arena, and we all will…

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