FRANCE GALLFrench lady who won the contest for Luxembourg back in 1965 will have a tribute show on French biggest comercial channel TF1 that will boardcasted before this summer. Earlier this year, a simmilar show was also made in honor of Jean-Jacques Goldman and it featured Natasha St-Pier, the French representative from 2001, Canadian singer Corneille who penned the 2006 French song for Virginie Pouchain, and the 2009 French competitor Patricia Kaas.

This new show will be titled “Ce soir, on chante France Gall” and will also be a tribute to her husband, mentor and songwriter Michel Berger. Artists who will support France are yet unknown, but it is pretty sure that winner of first season of Star Academy, Jenifer, will be there there, as she is about to publish a cover album of France’s songs named “I love France”.

Beside Jenifer, in the show we might also see Kate Ryan…

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