The team of attended the 5th edition of Eurovision in Concert which took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 13. Our team had the pleasure to talk just to the artists we liked the most. The video interviews are made with the help of national delegations at the welcome reception of the party organizers.

In this post we interviewed the lead singer of Koza Mostra, Elias Kozas once again. Elias was happy with the preparations for Malmoe Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and explained how busy his band schedule is with the release of their new album, touring Greece. Regarging the Greek promo, besides The Netherlands, the band and Agathonas Iakovides will visit Brussels (14/4) and London (20/4) meeting the Greek communities something they already did twice in Amsterdam!

Some might wonder about Agathonas presence in Amsterdam. We have to inform everyone (and they know who they are) that…

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