Time to have a check in the polls and bets. First we check the progress in the betting odds and we avoid to give poll predictions (yet) as most of them are voted by very small number of voters often easily to manipulate.

UPDATE 18.05.2013 – 18:00 CET
With Europrediction 2013 declaring Denmark and Azerbaijan as the possible winners of Eurovision 2013 we have the last look on the polls and bets for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest edition. Regarding the website polls we have the following predictions: Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands Denmark, San Marino, Spain ft. eurovisionbelgium: Denmark, Netherlands, Germany Azerbaijan, Romania, Denmark Netherlands, Denmark, Malta
ogaegreece: Denmark, Cyprus, Norway
esckaz reporting escstats ft. escnation: Denmark, Norway, San Marino’s forum: Denmark, Norway, Ukraine San Marino, Denmark, Ukraine Denmark, Azerbaijan, Georgia

In last few years bookies have always had good prognosis. Will…

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