LUCIA PEREZA new duet has been formed. We’re talking about 2 former Spanish Eurovision representatives, Soraya (Moscow 2009) and Lucía Pérez (Düsseldorf 2011). Both were performing a traditional galician song, called ‘O Verdegaio’, last Friday, at the Galician Television Broadcaster show, Luar. This is so, because Lucía is from O Incio (next to Lugo) and Soraya has some Galician & Portuguese roots. The song mixes Galician and Portuguese elements and languages.

Soraya has been achieving a lot of success after their Eurovision experience in Moscow, despite coming 23rd. Consequently, a new full dance album was released, called Dreamer, with a huge promoting tour, all around Spain and TV Shows. Late 2012, the media and fans were realising about the creation of her own recording label, Valentia Records, and also a new pop-dance track, called Con Fuego, together with Aqeel. The song has already had relative success in Spain and digital platforms…

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