ERIC SAADEThe brand new song of Eric Saade titled “Coming Home” is now fully out on YouTube. This is the new song of the Swedish hottie and you can listen to it below. The Swedish star participated in Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and proudly brought Sweden 3rd in the Eurovision final scoreboard.

He promised fans something a little bit different when he first announced the details of the song last week. And he wasn’t lying. Gone is the dancepop of ‘Marching’, the semi urban seasonings of ‘Miss Unknown’, and his more familiar amalgamation of the two – the semi urban seasoned dancepop of ‘Hotter Than Fire’ and a lot of his previous material. And in its place we’ve got Eric Saade coming out with a much more chilled out, laidback, and simplistic kind of pop song. Topically, the kind of pop song that sounds like summer.

‘Coming Home’ is a guitar…

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