ISRAEL 2013 ESC KDAM LOGO Tonight, Israel chooses its representative for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The winner, which will be selected from ten acts, will be chosen based on a combined jury and televote. The show starts and is opened by the Israeli representatives at the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Kids.IL. Soon after Orna Datz, our host, sings the country’s 1979 winning entry “Hallelujah” . Other Israeli Eurovision hits are also being sung. The jury is now being introduced.

“Hayom” by Judah Gavra
This is a nice entry and the vocals tonight are good. The audience in the studio likes it as well and is clapping and jumping around during the performance. Perhaps the brake dancers are unnecessary though this is only a national final performance. The English part of the song is also sung well. Judah is joined on stage by five backing dancers/singers and they all do a dance routine.

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